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Grants and Awards


ARC Linkage LP150100246

Swarming: micro-flight data capture and analysis in architectural design

CIs: Assoc. Prof. J. Burry, Prof. Simon Watkins, Dr Flora Salim, Dr Reece Clothier

2015-2018          $233,000

ARC Linkage LP130100607

The sound of space: architecture for improved auditory performance in the age of digital fabrication

CIs: Prof M C Burry, Assoc. Prof J. R. Burry, Mr Dylan Martin, Dr Jordi Faulí



ARC Discovery DP130103228

Integrating knowledge in architecture, mathematics and computing to capture the dynamics of air in design

CIs: Prof M. Burry, Prof R. Drogemuller, Assoc. Prof. J. Burry, Assoc.Prof. A. Rao, Prof. Simon Watkins



ARC Discovery DP0985070

Challenging the inflexibility of the flexible digital model

CIs: Prof M. Burry RMIT, Prof J. Frazer QUT, Ms J. Burry RMIT.



A project with three clear sub projects led by the three investigators

ARC Linkage LP0883315

Assimilation of architectural and services design in early design modeling

CIs: Prof J Frazer QUT, Prof M. Burry RMIT, Prof R. Drogemuller, Ms J. Burry RMIT.

Partner: Queensland Government Project Services




I have past experience of coordinating and co-writing seven previous successful ARC Grant applications at RMIT in a support role.


2013-15                     RMIT and SIEMENS Greener Government Buildings Scheme:

                                     Online Infrastructure for iCO2mmunity: Personal and community carbon footprint monitoring for university-wide engagement 

                                      Dr Flora Salim, Dr Margaret Hamilton, A/Prof Jane Burry, $490,442

2013                           RMIT School of Architecture and Design SRC grant $4000 to support Smartgeometry cluster Thermal Reticulations.

2012                           VESKI Award Growing Smarter Material Systems $30,000

2012                           RMIT R & I Research Partnerships Development Award $10,000

2011                           RMIT DRI Future Fabric of Cities funding for Mathematics in the City Fabric Weave – $11,000

Jane Burry, Andrew Burrow, Flora Salim, Mark Burry.

2011                           RMIT School of Architecture SRC grant $6,700 to support Smart Geometry cluster Responsive Acoustic Surfaces.

Jane Burry, Mark Burry, Daniel Davis

2011                           IBM Smarter Planet faculty award $10,000 for innovative transdisciplinary cross-campus design studio with Vietnam.

Flora Salim, Susu Nousala, Margaret Hamilton, Marsha Berry, Jane Burry.

2008                           RMIT DRI Seeding grant: Sharing Design Space; 

J.Burry, D.Holzer, Y.Tengono, A.Burrow, P.Minifie, T.Kovac,  J. Lenarcic, M.Burry

2008                           RMIT DRI Seeding grant: Scribblr: investigating the role of layered graphical markup in cyber collaboration;

J Yuille,  J. Burry , M.Burry + B. Bennett ,  L. Vaughan , H. Edquist

2007                            RMIT Emerging Researcher Grant: Architecture and Mathematics: modeling information rich space; 

J Burry, Y. Tengono,  Lynn McArthur

2007                            RMIT School of Architecture and Design SRC Grant: Mathematics in Design

Prior to architectural practice career 1985-

1983                             Colin Davidson Memorial Scholarship and Kettle Yard Grant. Research into the impact of post-cyclone relief housing in the Krishna Delta,                                         South East India. Included three months field work.


2013                             RMIT Research and Innovation Research Partnerships Development Scheme grant $10k

2013                             Program Development Fund grant for curriculum development and prototyping the new Master of Design innovation and Technology $20K

2011                             Co-recipient of LTIF Grant to develop innovative transdisciplinary course


2014                             Shortlisted AIA Awards Small Projects – FabPod with Nicholas Williams, John Cherrey, Mark Burry

2013                             College of Design and Social Context Early Career Researcher award

2013                             Finalist The Shell Australian Innovation Challenge (FabPod project)

2013                             Finalist, The Victorian Premier’s Design Awards (FabPod project)

2012                             Finalist, Tex Fab Competition: FabPod Prototype with Nicholas Williams, John Cherrey, Mark Burry.


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